Delivery record update / Fuji Human Calorimeter BGI (Shenzhen, China)


  •  Now starting Cooperative Research with University of Tsukuba IIIS

We start collaborative investigation about IIIS and an energy metabolism study.

The mission of IIIS is to be a multidisciplinary, international hub for the research to elucidate the fundamental mechanism of sleep/wakefulness, to develop strategies to regulate sleep, and to contribute to the enhancement of world health through combating sleep disorders and associated diseases.
A new Fuji Human Calorimeter is planning to be completed in June.


  • New Accepting Order Seoul University (Seoul, Korea)

We have received an order for the FUJI ARTIFICIALLY ENVIRONMENTAL ROOM from University of Seoul.
It is scheduled for completion in the end of September 2015.
It will be a base for the serious study of exercise physiology in Korea. 


  •  We Developed New Human Calorimeter and Artificial Environmental Control Room.

A Normobaric Fuji Human Calorimeter

A Normobaric Fuji Artificial Environmental Control Room


  •  New Accepting Order Shanghai University of Sport (Shanghai, China)

We have received an order for the High accuracy Human calorimeter from Shanghai University of Sport.

It is scheduled for completion in the end of December 2012.

It will be a base for the serious study of energy metabolism in China.

Newly-developed product Fuji exhaled gas metabolism equipment 

We have developed the latest Douglas bag system. (Patent pending)



March 2012 Open our Technical Center in Kashiwa City

The permanent Human Calorimeter of the latest & most advanced technology was opened at our Technical Center which will surely play an important role for R&D of the system in closely coordinating with the Technical Development Center.



Tel:+81-4-7090-3575 Address: 102-1 Ooi, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0902 JAPAN

Cooperative Research

  • University of Tsukuba WPI-IIIS
    International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine 
  • University of Tsukuba
    「Next generation interior air-conditioning system, movement, test of an internal environment and an external environment and evaluation」
    Industry-university joint research
    Professor Takeshi Nishiyasu University of Tsukuba
  • Hirosaki University
    「Engergy metabolism Test Research」



Exhibition Info

  •  Exhibition in Japan



The Japan Society of Coaching Studies

The Japan Society for Running

The 72nd Annnual Meeting of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science

The Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology

The Japan Society of Exercise and Sports Physiology

The Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences

The 73th Japan Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine

  • International Exhibition
    coming soon

New Sale

High accuracy Mass Spectrometer Prima Pro 


As the import distributor of the high accuracy mass spectrometer "Prima PRO" manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific of United Kingdom, it's our great pleasure of supplying the world-leading high performance analyzer in the field of energy metabolism


Fuji Medical Science is the world-leading creative system-integrator & manufacturer of the health & metabolism-related research system and products. The various types of "Fuji Environmental Control Room" we create are widely used for the Research & Development (R&D) ranging from medical science to biotechnology. 

"Fuji Human Calorimeter" has been developed to the world-most advanced analysis system as the only one both in the domestic and international markets. 


 Our corporate philosophy is to offer a human health boost through the measurement & analysis on energy metabolism so that we can strive to contribute to society in preventive medicine against obesity and lifestyle-related diseases and thus our system has also been used in the field of R&D on the "Specified Health Foods". + Therefore the measurement & analysis of calorie consumption is actually a prospective research assignment, as it has recently attracted social attention through often getting media-exposure.